Revenge of the Nerds in Malaysia

Geht es nach der malaysischen Zeitung The Star, sind böse Wikipedia-Edits eine neue Propaganda-Technik. Chua Hian Hou schreibt:

The outpouring of rage against the anime distributor, say Internet industry observers, is the clearest indication of how tech-savvy communities are wising up to the Internet’s power as a propaganda tool.

Seng noted that the community Odex had targeted in its piracy crackdown was a very tech-savvy one, and so was able to employ many Internet propaganda techniques not used before.

These tactics include the Wikipedia edits and even uploading satirical videos making fun of Odex on video-sharing site YouTube.

Previously, upset Netizens contented themselves with whining on online forums. The furthest they went was to start an online petition occasionally.

Psychologist Daniel Koh said that online lynch mobs were more likely to hit out at anyone who appeared to be attacking their cause as they felt a “sense of loyalty” with others in the community.

The sense of anonymity in an online world also lent them more courage in lashing out, he added.

Whiners are wieners.