You got WWW

Ich lese grade von einem Großvater, der für seinen autistischen Enkel einen simplifizierten Webbrowser entworfen hat:

The Zac Browser greatly simplifies the experience of using a computer. It seals off most Web sites from view, to block violent, sexual or otherwise adult-themed material. Instead it presents a hand-picked slate of choices from free, public Web sites, with an emphasis on educational games, music, videos and visually entertaining images, like a virtual aquarium.

But LeSieur’s browser aims to go further: It essentially takes over the computer and reduces the controls available for children like Zackary, who finds too many choices overwhelming.

That eliminates commands most children don’t need anyway, and it reduces the chance an autistic child will lose confidence after making a counterproductive click. Children using the Zac Browser select activities by clicking on bigger-than-normal icons, like a soccer ball for games and a stack of books for „stories.“

So etwas gab es doch schon mal? Es hieß: AOL.

The Zac Browser also configures the view so no advertisements or other flashing distractions appear.

OK. Das war bei AOL anders.