PMS 2.0

No comment: es gibt eine Applikation für das iPhone namens iWoman. Was mag das sein?

Well ladies…now that we have scared off all the curious guys with the developer’s description, lets talk about this app (it actually has a few very useful features). When you open the app for the first time you will need to put in some initial information. If you select the bottom date – the only entry that is editable – it will open to a screen where you can put in the dates of your most current period (or you can start back as far as you can remember but, you only need one period’s start and finish date for the app to work).

It will automatically figure out the duration of your period and the number of days in your cycle. From there you can put in more specific information for every day of your period (check out the screenshots). Once you have at least one period duration entered you can go back to the main screen (tap the iWoman button on the top left). You will see that it has calculated when your period will be for the next three months.