Second Dr. Sommer

Die Second-Life-Zeitung aus dem Hause Springer hat auch eine Kummer-Tante. Dies zeigt mal wieder wie ähnlich sich virtuelles und privates Leben sind.

Hier zum Beispiel ein typischer Dr.Sommer-Leserbrief gehobener Semester:

Dear Randi: My RL husband and I joined SL together in February, and he has become very enthusiastic about his life here. When he told me he wanted a female avatar to live his second life as a beautiful woman, I told him I had no problem with it. But he has begun spending a lot on ‘her‘ look, probably ten times more than I have spent on my own. What should I do?

Die Antwort ist noch härter:

Randi says: It’s great that you’re so openminded about gender, but it seems to me that the issue here is the money. If he wants to have a knock-out wardrobe for his ‘lady‘, insist that he find a job in SL to pay for it all himself.[…]