Ork and Knight – Unite, Unite!

Haben Orks Rechte? Ist ein Second-Life-Bewohner mehr als ein konsumierendes Etwas in schrillen Klamotten? Die Virtual Citizenship Association glaubt das:

Our mission, as stated in the Social Contract, is to protect our elementary rights; living in a virtual world gives us the status of citizen there, and our rights have to be recognized and enforced.

We’re a group of MMORPG professionals, people who enjoy playing in online universes in general and people who advocate the use of Free Software. We strongly believe that virtual worlds should belong to all of their players. Furthermore, we believe that the players, as virtual citizens, should have the right to influence the laws governing the virtual worlds in which they live. Also, any sufficiently motivated developer should be able to realize their own dreams, by starting their own virtual world. This vision should include making all of source code, artwork, documentation and tools available to any developer as Free Software.