Hackers in love

Die Verhaftung der belgischen Virenautorin „Gigabyte“ treibt Phantasie und Testosteronspiegel vieler Nerds in die Höhe. Wie kann eine Frau(!) nur Viren schreiben?

Wired hatte schon 2002 eine Geschichte über die damalige Schülerin und ihren Freund Nostalg1c, der sich offenbar mit Webseitendefacements einen Namen machte.

The two, who first met on Internet relay chat two years ago, have been an item since mid-May, shortly after Gigabyte’s innovative virus, along with her sex, made her a media darling.


The characteristically tough-talking and sarcastic Gigabyte turns downright sappy, however, when discussing her new flame, whom she calls „Nostie.“

„Things get strange. Like, we say the exact same thing at the exact same time (then laugh about it). Or when we see each other the sun shines even when they predicted rain, or we know what exactly the other one’s thinking … nothing logical about it. Maybe it’s ‚cause I’m into computers and I’m used to things being logical,“ she said.


Whenever the two, who live about 15 minutes apart by train, get together at his apartment, it’s usually not in front of a PC, however. […]“If they care at all, they’ll see it as a positive thing. Because, after all, while we’re busy with each other, we’re usually away from the computer,“ she said.